What Is WordPress?

Wordpress is more than a blog. Now, it is built based on modern technology, Content Management System, or CMS in short. It's a easy to handle, yet extremely powerful tool that helps you create, manage, and share your ideas with the world. Currently, WordPress has two types, WordPress.com (hosted) and WordPress.org (self-hosted). We trade in the both versions, but all the themes on shelf will only operate with the WordPress.org (self-hosted) software. You can find our themes for WordPress.org on our theme page.

What Is A Theme?

A theme, template, skin, etc. is built-in design and layout, which can be added to your existing WordPress site. WordPress manage all of the content for you (posts, pages, comments), while the theme take care of transforming and displaying that content a beautiful and clean view.

Many themes are customized with helpful extensions. All of our themes are founded on the WooFramework which create flexible but still lightweight themes. Checking out our amazing themes here

Do Your Themes Work On WordPress.com?

No. You can only use our themes on self-hosted WordPress sites.


How Does Purchasing A Theme/Subscription Work?

You can start by browsing our theme collection

Choose your favorite theme and then on the theme page, you will see yellow "buy this theme" button on the right hand site, just above the theme description. Click on that to get started.

Make sure that you have logged your existing account in, if not, please register new account to continue.

You are taken to our check out page. The checkout page is done in one step. You then enter all required details and click "Secure Checkout".

You will then be taken to PayPal or MoneyBooker to complete the purchase. Your purchase is completed.

What Payment options do you offer?

We offer PayPal and MoneyBooker which both support Credit Card payment at this present time. If you have any questions about our payment-options, please contact us.

I Haven't Received My Receipt Or Login Details?

Normally, notification email is sent almost immediately when your payment is approved.

If you don't receive any receipt email, please contact us soon and we'll check in on your payment and account.

Can't check out!

So sorry about that. Please feel free to email us and we will work it out asap.


Can I test theme before purchasing it?

Sure, you can. We have demo version for you to test it before getting the real one. On the individual theme page, you will se a white "live demo" button on the right hand side.

Where can I download my purchased theme?

Once your purchase has been completed, you can immediately login and select "My Downloads". You will be taken to your Downloads page to simply download your theme.

I Can't Find My Themes, Help?

If you don’t see your themes in the downloads tab. Maybe something went wrong, so please contact us about your issues. We are glad to get it sorted asap.

Is there an expire date for my theme?

Only one answer, NO. Your bought them will nerver get expired, and there is no annual, extra fee on them.

How often are the themes updated?

It is usually get updated when Wordpress update or upgrade their version

What Browsers & Operating Systems Are Supported?

Our theme are tested to be compatible with most common browsers which are:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome


Where should I start?

We are here to help you out. Each theme you purchase, you will receive a package for installation instruction that detail every single step to install it.

I did follow your instruction, but still doesn't work!

No worries, we offer installation service that guarantee to install it for you. Now, you don’t have to do it, but still get your work done.

Image not display after installation

There are many reasons for this problem. Please make sure that you have followed installation instruction. Otherwise, you should contact our support team to find out and fix this issue for you.