WPDance - WordPress Themes store has been launched

18 Jul 2012, 02:00

Welcome to WPDance.com which has been launched recently. It provides a huge range of wordpress themes. Wordpress is well-known as friendly template for popular customers. Now, with our products and services, you can spread your influences to the whole world. Imaging your advices, highlight, or recommendation will be widely known by the wordpress community and other social network. The reason for it is simply answered by our professional designers. They add other technical tools for you to open it as a normal website, while it is still friendly by remaining wordpress foundation.

Our very first products will be these 5 themes you can see on our website. Particularly, they are for Portfolio Theme CGParty, Fashion and Beauty magazine theme - FashionMag, Comics/Manga magazine theme - ComicMag, Portfolio theme - Posfolio, and Technology magazine theme - TechMag. They are all gorgeous with fabulous color textures, nice design, well-functioned.

Portfolio WordPress Theme | Posfolio | WPDance

An art land will come to you through our Portfolio Wordpress Theme - Posfolio. Getting inspired by art, so this theme is so soft, gentle, but still full of impression because of the way allure images and banner are arranged. The theme will be spotlight for your portfolio. Smart posts slider and neat entries arrangement will emphasize your art work well. Reading your posts bring readers to a new land called wonderland. Wide column and large image size get viewer attention easily. Also, it is so brilliant to bring your work closer to the readers. Recent posts and comment always appear on the right hand side, it makes your reader can access to your exhibition at any time. For more, you can increase or limit amount of posts each page to increase effect of the exhibition. Arranging your work neatly is no more dificult because of our extension, "show/hide" button. With this, your readers can choose to grab more information about your entries and it will avoid the fact that one post will spead on the whole page.

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Comic Manga WordPress Theme | ComicMag | WPDance

Loving comics / manga, here you are a comics theme. Our Comic WordPress Theme - ComicMag is inspired by fun and laugh by comics. That is why we designed it in red and white of which meaning are confidence, courage, vitality, purity and cleaness. It means that your products are safe for all ages, but still impresive. Also, information blocks are clearly clarified, so it makes your followers easy to read other comic lovers comments, or recommendations. Featured news are strongly highlighted by large images, headlines and appear in attractive place. Moreover, its strong connection with other users is one more noteworthy thing. Your users are allows to leave comment under comics sub-page. This would be the most attractive features to your page. You can choose amount of displayed posts, custom images, logo, icons and so much more. Technically, you do not have to be a technology expert to use and administrate this site, because you just need to do it under easy instruction.

We will make you even more excited about what you will get. We has introduced you our Comic and Manga theme and one more important announcement to make that you can get this for FREE FOREVER. What? Does it mean this awesome deal will never ever end? You say, and we say “yes, why not?” What are you waiting for? Take one as soon as possible to set up your own page. Let’s see what else you can get from our fabulous website.

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Fashion Magazine WordPress Theme | FashionMag | WPDance

Next one would be an exciting one with fashion and beauty Wordpress theme. Expressing in one word, just colorful can do it. However, it does not the theme messy and fussy, because the bold colors match the pure white. Your pictures, entries will be fully emphasized. One more thing you can feel about it is youth and energy. Delightful pink, mysterious black, pure white combination makes you feel like your young age. Feel enthusiasm but still profound deep inside your soul. It is a big hit to your targeted subscribers. About layout, it is mainly divided into two columns that simplify your site to avoid messy look. Clients still get enough information with the mass rich themes ( recent post, recent comments, twitter, blogroll and so many more). In the main menu, viewer can still see necessary information areas, such as he tabs, the information blocks, the sliders, e.t.c.

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Technology Magazine WordPress Theme | TechMag | WPDance

We introduce you one more interesting, modern technology magazine theme - TechMag. You can see it very simple, because it truly focuses on your posts. The pure white products blocks will emphasize your technology journal. It avoids subscribers get distracted by other details, such as colors, or pattern. Your entries will be showed in big pictures that amaze viewers at the first hit. Also, we all know that high-tech person love simple thing but still well-organized. The theme is divided into 3 main columns that include all most your latest news, recent comments and posts. It saves your followers time in finding news in other sub page. Your lastest, popular posts appear on the right hand side of the web. Or some of the posts abstracted is shown. It helps the reader easy to choose which one they should read and to access to your recommended products even faster. High reader attraction, yeah, better page view for sure. Specially, this beneficial interface will jump into your pocket for FREE in a lifetime, as long as you want to keep it. Surprise! Lifetime theme, no annual fee, no expire day, and for most, it benefits you well. Why are you keep waiting? Come here and get one for your own. Keep reading, maybe you will find more pennyworth deal.

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Portfolio WordPress Theme | CGParty | WPDance

Here we go another portfolio theme for you named CGParty WordPress Theme. This theme is completely different to the previous one. It has strong impression not only by color or texture, but also large image. Light yellow and white become perfect background for your portfolio to shine. Also, stressing your site is not a big deal at all with videos, images and information blocks to help you softer distance between you and your audience. For example, post tabs, news slider, category list, flickr gallery are intentionally extended for better appliance. One more benefit for you when you come to us, we can customize your own idea and style. The amount of post that does not satisfy you does not mean it is an end. We help you out with our extension that you can choose number of post each page. You may think that, ah, developed template, maybe it is hard for me to handle. Of course not, because we still keep original Wordpress template that require you to follow easy instruction to install it.

Buy Now for only $19

Generally, Wordpress social netword has a friendly interface, but with our wordpress themes you can get more and more benefits from this popular community. They have nice color mixing, neatly organized, clean interface. Come to our site, you can find your own wordpress template space to explore and have fun. Go surfing the website and you will definitely what you need. You do not have to worry about where you can find the right theme for your land because we are right here for you to raise your idea. We will support you with 100% ability and efforts. Finally, check out our services to acquire the bests support from us