WPDance - WordPress Themes store has been launched

18 Jul 2012, 02:00

Welcome to WPDance.com which has been launched recently. It provides a huge range of wordpress themes. Wordpress is well-known as friendly template for popular customers. Now, with our products and services, you can spread your influences to the whole world. Imaging your advices, highlight, or recommendation will be widely known by the wordpress community and other social network. The reason for it is simply answered by our professional designers. They add other technical tools for you to open it as a normal website, while it is still friendly by remaining wordpress foundation.

Our very first products will be these 5 themes you can see on our website. Particularly, they are for Portfolio Theme CGParty, Fashion and Beauty magazine theme - FashionMag, Comics/Manga magazine theme - ComicMag, Portfolio theme - Posfolio, and Technology magazine theme - TechMag. They are all gorgeous with fabulous color textures, nice design, well-functioned.

Portfolio WordPress Theme | Posfolio | WPDance

Comic Manga WordPress Theme | ComicMag | WPDance

Fashion Magazine WordPress Theme | FashionMag | WPDance

Technology Magazine WordPress Theme | TechMag | WPDance

Portfolio WordPress Theme | CGParty | WPDance

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